www.polleverywhere.com Free text messaging polling
www.wordle.net Create word art
www.tagxedo.com Word clouds
www.acapela.tv Text to audio fun
www.voki.com Create a speaking avatar
www.epals.com Connect with other classrooms around the world
www.earth.google.com Explore the 3D planet
www.zamzar.com Turn text into audio
www.chacha.com Your 24/7 personal assistant
www.wolframalpha.com Computational search engine
www.prezi.com Make dynamic presentations without powerpoint
www.visuwords.com An online graphical dictionary
www.ietherpad.com Web based real time word processing
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www.crocodoc.com Collaborate and edit docs and PDF websites
www.quizlet.com Make digital flash cards
www.drop.io All in one collaboration tool
www.xtranormal.com Become a movie maker
www.blogger.com Easy blog solutions
www.pbworks.com Build a Wiki
www.wikispaces.com More Wiki
www.delicious.com Social bookmarking
www.google.com/reader Easy aggregator for RSS
www.noodletools.com Smart searching and easy bibliography www.4teachers.org Rubrics and many more tools
www.ustream.tv Broadcast to the world
www.glogster.com Create multi-media pages.
www.storybird.com Quick creation of a story
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